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  • What is the Best Way to Clean Timberland Boots

    Ralph Lauren is a distinguished fashion designer who began his career designing tie collections. Today, Ralph Lauren brand offers clothing for women, men, children and babies, as well as accessories and a variety of shoe styles, including various types of boots that cater to different fashion styles. Fake ralph lauren boots can be made of leather or suede. Keep your boots clean is important to keep them looking nice and keep yourself look immaculate.

    1.Dabble a soft cloth with lukewarm water and dry dirt or dust buildup from your ralph lauren outlet boot.

    2.Mix half lukewarm water and half white vinegar in a container. Get another soft cloth and dampen it with white vinegar and water solution. Dab the solution to your Ralph Lauren boots, if you need to remove any stains. Use a cloth dampened with clean water to remove any vinegar residue.

    3.Purchase a shoe cleaner and conditioner for leather material and use it to remove stubborn stains or to treat your boot in leather. Conditioning your leather boots helps keep leather looking clean and shiny. Wipe off the excess leather cleaner with a soft, dry cloth.

    4.Leave your boots away from heat sources such as radiators or heating vents while they dry. Do not let them be exposed to direct heat while drying or after you clean them, because it can dry or crack leather.

    5 Clean suede boots with a pencil eraser or a rubber or plastic tip brush. Never use liquid solutions suede, because the material will absorb the liquid.



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